MandelANDEL SUMINISTROS ENERGÉTICOS is an energy service company (ESCo) whose mission is to supply their customers with thermal energy in the form of hot water or steam.

Operating and maintenance costs plus the investment in fuel storage and combustion equipment and energy metering are all covered by MANDEL.

The customer provides the physical space used to house the storage and combustion equipment and pays each month for the thermal energy actually used.

In the English-speaking world, this type of agreement is known as “energy supply contracting”. Supply contracts are for 10 to 20 years and the price per kWh is adjusted for inflation each year. The set price depends on the power of the boiler and the physical space available for fuel storage.

This arrangement reduces customers’ energy costs (domestic hot water, heating, steam) as of the first year, with the advantage that energy prices are predictable. It is probably most beneficial for customers currently using oil boilers..

CORPORATEThe fuel used is almond shell briquettes which have a lower heating value (LHV) of 4.86 kWh/kg on a moist basis, and humidity of approximately 2% (figures SGS and CARTIF). Hence the energy yield of this fuel lies between brown coal and hard coal, with the advantage that the user is not subject to CO2 emission rights.

Almond shell briquettes are manufactured under COVAERSA‘s patent patent in their own factory in Crevillente (Alicante).

MANDEL SUMINISTROS ENERGÉTICOS has signed a supply agreement with COVAERSA which guarantees quantities and prices.

Spain is currently the world’s second almond producer after California. Forty-five percent of Spain’s production is located in the Region of Valencia and Murcia.

MANDEL SUMINISTROS ENERGÉTICOS is a member of ANESE, the Spanish ESCo association.